Gaming Collection

Our Team started Brand My Case as a project to leave a better footprint in the industry by creating unique phone cases that admire a diversity standard within the market of iPhone/Samsung Cases. Recently, a large number of competitor options seem repetitive and excessive and hardly offer damage protection from falls. A good amount of the cases seen carried by our competitors even shatter like a glass pane when falling against a hard surface due to lack of tests in the Phone drop. Our team here at Brand My Case has created a better case design for all the newest models of iPhone, Samsung Galaxy Devices, and even laptops. We provide a gold standard for your phone's protection by investing in a material that can absorb shock. One of our most recent projects was to make a Valorant FPS Game Themed case which we believe was a dashing touch to our collection of cases. Our cases are made with top-grade silicone and are very easy to work with. For example, when fitting your phone in and out of your case a struggle won't be an issue anymore. Also, the material is ultra-durable and can protect your phone and normal drop levels. Be sure to visit our website to view our diverse case inventory.