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The Love Letter Necklace

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Reminiscent of the romantic notes from your significant other, the Love Letter necklace will make a touching addition to your jewelry box. Made of stainless steel, the pendant on the Love Letter necklace features an envelope sealed with a heart colored in with red epoxy, as well as glimmering black cubic zirconia stones making up part of the envelope. And, on the back of the pendant find a heartfelt note that reads: “I love you always and forever.” Keep this beautiful necklace close to your heart as you do the words from those unforgettable love letters that had you head over heels for your one true love. 316L Stainless Steel with red epoxy and 80 pieces of black CZPouch included Pendant Size: W: 1.10" H: 1.22"Chain Length:17" - 19" Adjustable

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